Deck the stairs with family photos, fa la la la la…

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Now that December is upon us, we are starting to think about giving. Although we should try to have generosity in our hearts all year round, during the holiday season we spend a little more time thinking about how to give to other people, be it through charity work or holiday gifts. Do you ever worry about what to give to your loved ones during the holidays? It can be hard to express how much you love someone just through a physical item. Here are several ideas for thoughtful gifts that will really make the recipient feel your love. (Note that this is not a sponsored post.)

  1. Make someone a holiday photo garland! Instead of going out and buying one of these, why don’t you turn it into a crafty project for the family? They are fun, easy, and inexpensive to make at home. This would be great to get the kids involved. Use this gift to show off your family pictures, the pets, or the projects you have been working on throughout the year.
  2. Deck the stairs with family photos, fa la la la la… Instead of (or in addition to) all the holiday cards you get in the mail, why don’t you deck the stairs with photos of holidays past? This would be a great gift for your mom and dad (or your children – whatever family you live with!) to wake up to on Christmas morning. Show off the 1980’s Christmas sweaters, the jello mold salads on the table back in the 70’s, and that old picture of Uncle Paul asleep on the couch after too much boozy eggnog. This adds a personal touch to your holiday decor, and it will surely spark conversation among whoever you spend your holidays with.
  3. Give a photo blanket! No matter where you live, whether it’s freezing cold Columbus or hot and sweaty Guatemala, you always need a fleece blanket while you watch A Christmas Story and your other favorite movies. Why not wrap up in a blanket that warms not just your body, but your heart? Your spouse would love a blanket with one of your wedding photos on it. For your mom, pictures of the grandbabies (or granddoggies)! Google “photo blanket” and you can find lots of websites where you can customize all different designs. It’s easy and cozy. What could be better?
  1. Chatbooks! For the uninitiated, Chatbooks are adorable little customizable photo albums. They are super convenient for the iPhone and Instagram users among us; you can download the Chatbooks app, connect it with your Instagram account, and select the pictures you want. It will even include your captions from Instagram (if you want). This can be a great gift to remember one specific event, a year in a person’s life, or to memorialize a pet who has passed. These are small but packed with delight. They are also relatively inexpensive, as far as customized photo albums go.
  2. A holiday home movie! How long has it been since you watched your home movies? Probably forever, because your VHS player broke fifteen years ago. This year, many of us have not spent nearly as much time with loved ones as we have wanted to. If there has ever been a time to watch your home movies, it’s now. How cool would it be to give the gift of a digital collection of all your memories that you could share with your whole family? This is the ultimate “one and done” gift: send a link to the movie to each of your loved ones, and every one of them will love it.

Vintage Solutions can help you make all of these gifts come to life. We can take all of your old, delicate photos and digitize them so that you have high-quality digital copies and the ability to make as many high-quality prints as you like. We can also digitize all your home movies so they become both accessible and shareable. With our help, you no longer have to rely on the old “socks and a twelve-pack of Coke” gift for dad. We can help you create something heartfelt and meaningful that your loved ones will never forget. Let us be a part of your season and assist you in keeping old holiday memories alive!

Happy holidays from Vintage Solutions!

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