Our founder

Jaycee McCain (Age 4)

Here at Vintage Solutions, we are in business to help customers preserve their memories for generations to come. At our offices in Columbus, Ohio, we digitize every memory by hand with care and respect. We use the latest professional digitizing equipment, perfectly preserving the past in a digital format. Also, every order comes with free online access while keeping your security in mind. Vintage Solutions helps customers reconnect with the past using current technology.

Jaycee McCain founded Vintage Solutions out of a need. You see, when Jaycee’s grandmother passed away, his family wanted copies of photos, home movies and some of her handwritten cookbooks. Jaycee was known as the “tech guy” in his family, so the responsibility to produce copies fell upon him. Instead of making copies, Jaycee decided to digitize the piles of photos, tapes and books on his computer and provide his family with USB flash drives and he uploaded the memories to his server so his family, no matter where they were in the world could always access his grandmas precious memories. When founding Vintage Solutions, it has always been Jaycee’s goal to provide this invaluable service at a fair price along with a wide array of digitizing options while providing free online access to memories.

Remember the good time. Bring them back. Digitize them.