White glove Service

Vintage Solutions is a family owned business in Columbus, Ohio and we are honored to have the opportunity to digitize you memories. All memories are handled with care and respect. Memories are handled with premium white cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprint, ensuring that your memories are sent back to you in the condition they arrived at our office. Our Vintage Solutions staff is always eager to serve and answers any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. To contact our office, you can, text, call, online live chat and email. If you have a digitizing emergency, we even have a 24/7 emergency line.

How It Works

Vintage Solutions knows it can be difficult emotionally and physically to gather, sort and send memories for digitizing. We have worked hard to make the process of sending in your memories as easy as possible.

1. Order

Unlike the other guys, our boxes are one size fits all! No need to be fearful of ordering a box to small or to big. Once you are on the order page, simply type in the number of what you need digitized, select the add on services desired, provide shipping address and payment information. No high pressure sales here. Located in Central Ohio? Try our Pickup and Delivery service!

2. Receive

Once your order is submitted, a Vintage Solutions team member will ship a Vintage Solutions Memory Saver Box to your requested shipping address. When you receive and open your box, you will find a welcome post card, valuable instructions on how to pack your memories, packing paper, add-on stickers, return tape strip and a pre-paid UPS return shipping label.

3. Filling the Box

Placing your memories in a box to be shipped and digitized can be stressful. Rest assured, we are here every step of the way. Ensure that you label your memories so once they are digitized, we can give them the proper names. If you find yourself saying “Oh shoot, I forgot this tape when I ordered” No worries, place it in the box and apply the “ADD – ON” sticker to have the extra memories digitized. Once your box with extra memories arrives at our office, we will send an invoice for payment to digitize your add on memoires.

4. Shipping Your Memories

Once your box is filled, use the provided packing paper to fill any voids in the box to prevent movement during shipping. Close the box and use the provided return tape strip to seal the box. Apply the prepaid shipping label to the outside of the box. Now you are ready to ship your memories to our office located in Columbus, Ohio. Simply drop your memories off at any UPS store or schedule a free pick up of your memories by a UPS driver.

5. At Our Office

Once your memories arrive at our office, we take over from there! All orders are stored in labeled bins within a secure area ensuring that your memories are safe, secure and private. We will hand sort & hand digitize your memories with care. If add-ons are in the box, we will send you and invoice. Once your memories have completed the digitizing process, you will receive and email informing you that your memories are complete and will be shipped back to you!

6. Arrival

Once we adhere a shipping label to your freshly digitized memories, you will receive an email or text message with your tracking number. When your Vintage Solutions Memory Saver Box arrives at your door, try to contain your excitement! When you receive your box you will find your original memories, physical storage device with your digitized memories (if ordered), post card containing your unique URL and password to access* your digitized memories and a few goodies. Now is the time to have a movie night or slide show to laugh, cry (happy tears) and relive your cherished memories. *Vintage Solutions utilizes Drop Box to deliver your digitized memories to you. Files are secured using 256-bit AES, SSL/TLS and SSL/TSL 128-bit AES Encryption. View all of the security features used by Dropbox here

What You Get Back

Vintage Solutions knows it can be difficult emotionally and physically to gather, sort and send memories for digitizing. We have worked hard to make the process of sending in your memories as easy as possible.

USB Drive

Cloud Storage

Watchable DVD Set

What Can I Get Digitized?

Mix and match format types from VHS tapes to Super8 film.